About The Rotary eClub

There were originally 30 charter members, of whom 10 were existing Rotarians who transferred from other clubs and 20 members who were new Rotarians. Meetings were held each Tuesday at noon.

During the Covid pandemic, meetings of the club moved to an online format. Several members also attended meetings of the Rotary eClub of Southern Scotland during this time and were inspired by the eClub format. Eventually, the club made the decision to permanently become an eClub and change the club’s name to The Rotary eClub of the Willamette Valley, welcoming members and visitors from nearby as well as around the globe.

The club has been identifying areas of need and providing service to the community and the world for over 45 years.

Since its inception, members have collected food, constructed structures, maintained playgrounds, pulled weeds, planted plants, rang bells at the holidays, picked up litter, entertained nursing home residents, renovated Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps, built raised beds, purchased and delivered dictionaries to elementary school students, and decorated holiday trees, to name but a few activities over the years.

Since 1975, the club has raised and then given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to: sponsor deserving students, help the homeless, deliver clean water, construct facilities, share local history, give shelters during disasters, support community activities, build playgrounds, make music, create art, provide food, and eradicate polio worldwide.

Members of the Rotary eClub of the Willamette Valley pay annual dues to fund Rotary projects internationally and locally, as well as pay for the costs of running our club at the local and district levels.

Member Dues are due by June 30th annually. Dues are currently $215. Any amount paid above the current dues will be donated to the South Salem Rotary Foundation. Your donation is appreciated.

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You are welcome to join us at our weekly meetings anytime. Simply contact us for more information on visiting our club.

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